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Member Factory

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Member Factory Review

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Frank and no nonsense review. Today we’re going to be looking at MemberFactory (should there be a space?), a new membership software created by Stefan van der Vlag and Sam Bakker that’s causing quite a stir in the online marketing world.

The Who

Now before we dive into the product details, let’s have a little look at the creators of MemberFactory – with so many great products available these days, we’re not just going to trust a couple of nobodies, right? Well rest assured, this certainly isn’t Stefan’s first rodeo, nor will it be his last. Stefan’s previous successes include ‘Social Lead Chief’, ‘Connect Chief’, ‘Clickbank Chief’ (I’m sensing a theme here), and ‘Safelist Pirate’. He is the CEO and founder of Glorious Partnership and is an industry expert in online marketing software. Stefan hasn’t just used his success to line his own pockets either, he is extremely passionate about helping people all over the world become successful online marketers. Karthik Ramani stated simply, that Stefan’s products are what the market needs and they work, and he has an amazing mustache so you can trust him (seriously Google him, it’s incredible).

So how about Sam Bakker, ever heard of him? No? Well, you’re probably new to this so I’ll let that slip. Sam is an online marketing entrepreneur who has enjoyed huge success as an affiliate marketer and has over 40 employees in his marketing business Modern Cogs Limited. Sam is also a world class speaker (if you can get past the Australian accent), and has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Mark Anastasi, Bill Walsh, and even Richard Branson. Now that you know you’re not dealing with a couple of wet behind the ear college kids, let’s move on to the product itself…

MemberFactory is a complete all-in-one solution to creating membership sites, from designing the pages using a wide range of templates, to the membership system itself where they can purchase membership offers and access content. It’s very slick yet simple to use (and even has plenty of tutorials if you need them), and will allow you to get your site up and start making you money in just a few clicks. Here are a few of the features, because everyone loves bullet points:


  • Themes and templates – 25 available for free during the product launch period, with more to be added over time
  • Digital Products – sell and protect your digital content to subscribers
  • Publish control – you can publish right away, set specific dates and times, or drip-feed your content
  • Dashboard – each site has a snapshot dashboard showing you how each site is performing, detailed analytical breakdown is also available
  • Payments – take payment from members using PayPal, Stripe and more
  • Affiliate platforms – fully integrate your site with JVzoo, Clickbank and more
  • Secure hosting – your sites and all contents will be hosted on Amazon Cloud data center’s and will be monitored 24×7
  • White label – customize your site with a range of branding features

And with that, let’s have a look at the software…

The What


This is the dashboard screen you get when logging in, you can see a couple of the demo sites already created (chicken coops are big game right now). You can preview each site by clicking on the title, and the full list of options is available by clicking on the drop down arrow (manage site, delete, clone etc.). The snapshot view shows up to date info about each site, you can scroll through these to see how your sites are performing. To create a new site, you simply click on the + in the top right and select ‘Create New Site’:




This will take you to the site wizard where you go through 4 simple steps to create your membership site.


This is all pretty straightforward, but there are tutorials available if you get stuck. After entering the site details hit ‘Next’.

The payment step is even simpler, just select how you want your customers to pay:


The plans feature is great! It makes a typically difficult part of your membership site quick and easy.

The final step is just reviewing everything, once you’re happy you can click on ‘Finish Installation’ and you’re done, it literally takes 2 minutes. You’ll be taken back to the dashboard and will see your new site with the others. After this you will want to click on manage site from the drop down to add some finishing touches.

The manage site console gives you a sales dashboard, as well as sections that give you control over content, members, subscriptions, and comments.


I won’t go into each of these here – I will probably upload a YouTube video with a full walkthrough in a few days, suffice to say they are very powerful management tools that allow you to control each aspect of your membership websites. Under the ‘More’ menu you have over a dozen options (again, I’ll go through these in more details in a video walkthrough), but for now we want to select a template to finish our websites design. From the templates menu, we select a design from our available templates (25 free available when you buy during launch period) and select ‘Install Template’.


Once you’re happy with your template you can return to the management console and begin creating content for your site.

The Where, When & How

I’ve used dozens of website designers over the years, but never have I encountered such a well-crafted all-in-one solution for membership websites than MemberFactory. Many of the features are reminiscent of WordPress, but it is much more intuitive and user friendly. There’s no need to find different boxes and plugin-ins, everything you could ever need for your membership site is included in the software. Whilst most websites builders will take you a long time to get to grips with, MemberFactory is so easy that a total novice can get their site going and start earning money in minutes.

For those of you who slogged through this entire review, I salute you. I guess now you want to hear about the discounts and bonuses right? I can’t have my readers paying chump prices to join MemberFactory – nor can I let them purchase without a few kick backs, so here’s the deal; bookmark this page and head back here on February 13th when I add my exclusive bonus page. Purchase through my link between the 13th and 18th of February and you’ll not only get 5 bonuses valuing over $1,000, you will also get 67% off the regular price, deal?

The End

Well that’s all for today guys, hit me up in the comments below if I missed anything. Bookmark the page, or subscribe for regular updates. See you all on the 13th!